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Critical things you must consider before heading to the 2019 Kentucky Derby

Critical things you must consider before heading to the 2019 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby event draws near as it will hold its newest edition on Saturday, May 4, 2019. The event will take place in its traditional home which is in Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby this year will be attended by more than twenty entries of three-year-old thoroughbred racers which will be competing in the Grace 1 Stakes category.


As the 145th edition of the Kentucky Derby will be kicking off very soon a lot of horse racing fans all over the world are looking forward to this grand event. Aside from the fact that it will be attended by the strongest horse racers across any given country, sports bettors are looking forward to taking part in the big prizes at stake for every betting game in the Kentucky Derby.


Hence, if you are planning to head on to “The Run For The Roses” to take part in betting, there are other lists of important things you must do in order to fully enjoy the Kentucky Derby this year. Aside from betting and enjoying the action-packed show, you have to seriously take these things down so you will not experience any problems going to the Kentucky showdown.

Plan Your Parking

The Kentucky Derby is expected to be attended by a large number of crowds. That said, should not go down driving in Churchill Downs without reserving or picking your parking area. Surely, there will be long lines of cars on the streets and if you do not reserve your parking ahead of time you might have a hard time parking your car and worse is you might miss the first part of the event.

The Race Coverage

Watch Kentucky Derby 2019 via live steam when you want to see updated results and the odds generation. TVG is its official media broadcaster and you might want to go their website so you won’t miss anything about the ongoing racing show.

Don’t Forget Your Cash

While you may have a lot of credit and debit cards to use for anything you want to purchase, you still need to bring lots of cash. Yes, you have to do that because everything you will buy within and inside the race track requires you to pay cash. When you pay for your parking, they will ask you to give them cash the same thing if you want to buy a bottle of drink from nearby vendors. Ideally, there will be ATMs available in the area but you have to expect longer lines and it’s not the best way to enjoy the full derby show.

Plan Your Bathroom Visits

Call of nature is inevitable; thus, planning your bathroom visits should also be considered. You might be able to see the build-up of lines as you anticipate lots of people in the even.

Project Your Outfits

You are heading to racing show where people are almost standing and shouting cheering for their horse racer. For ladies, if you plan to wear heels, you must bring flat shoes with you. This will make sure that you can fully take part in cheering for your bet too. Also, even if you have the best seat in track, you will still stand and walk and wearing the heel shoes might cause you a problem.


Besides, you need to bring small purses as big ones or more than 12 inches are not allowed. Don’t bring alcoholic beverages inside the race track as there are a lot of them available inside the race track.

The Derby Is About Marathon

Technically, the Kentucky Derby is a marathon of horse racers although you’ll see them sprinting. The first race starts at 10:30 AM and if you arrive around 11 AM you will miss the most important event which is “The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports”. To fully take advantage the whole excitement of the show, you need to arrive 2 hours before the derby starts as you need to expect that there will be long lines in the entry points of the field.

Sip A Mint Julep

A traditional Kentucky Derby drink is served for everyone called the Mint Julep. Your Kentucky Derby experience won’t be as fulfilling like other if you miss sipping a glass of this drink. Like other cocktail drinks, consuming too much might cause you a problem; thus, drinking only one glass is enough to at least complete your Kentucky Derby experience.

Place Your Bets As Soon As You Arrive

If you want to take part in betting, make sure that you buy your tickets right away by the time you arrive and place them. One tip to make it easier, list down your bets and prepare them before the race day so you won’t have a hard time picking your right bets. Lastly, don’t be afraid to bets as gambling is either a win or lose situation.








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